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Oh The Places I've Found Myself

Sometimes it's fun to look back at things you've done, situations you've been in. Plus it's good brainstorming for other tales to write about. And oh the places I've found myself!

I've found myself sitting in the Jamaican Bobsled with the team at the winter Olympics.
I've found myself floating across the Heber valley in a hot air balloon.
I've found myself at a large glacier in Patagonia, Chile while it was calving.
I've found myself eating lunch with top Kia and Hyundai lawyers.
I've found myself translating a book from Korean to English with a top Korean movie producer, for the CEO of Samsung.
I've found myself riding 100 miles over three days on a mountain bike. Twice actually.
I've found myself exploring many of the west's national parks.
I've found myself face to face with many of the world's most iconic works of art.
I've found myself climbing to the top of countless frozen waterfalls.
I've found myself falling …

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