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The Poise of Prose

All truly great books give you a slap in the face, sock you square in the stomach, then spit on your soul for good measure.

I find myself reading more an more for the prose. I care not for the story (though that is also quite helpful), for stories can be ripped off, tweaked, regurgitated with a new high gloss shimmering cover. Look at Disney, they've been doing it for decades with movies. How many times have you seen a movie or book completely based off the plot of a Shakespeare play, though in a different setting, with a completely different title, and no credit given to the author? See it all boils down to the prose. The flow of the page. If the prose is good, the story may not even matter. Hemingway has proven that to us time and again. To fit a choice word into it's proper place within a sentence, within a paragraph, within an idea, takes true genius. But people can't handle the truth these days. They want the summarized, condensed version. The spark notes, the middle …

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