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God and the Devil

Don't worry, I've not forgotten about this here blog. Just been terribly busy. But I've cancelled the seven other things I want to/should be doing for the next thirty or so minutes to pawn my thoughts off on you. Just thinking out loud, or thinking on digital paper.

An interesting thought crossed my mind the other night when I should have been sleeping: God created the Devil. To paraphrase from the bible, Lucifer was a powerful/important figure in the pre-mortal life and fell from grace, to become the devil. But if you think about it (from a Christian view of religion), if he hadn't fallen, none of God's plan would have really been able to work. The plan being: come to earth, be tested, return to God again in the next life if you lived worthily.
So was Lucifer doomed all along to become the Devil? Someone had to do the job right? Is it possible that maybe we don't really understand any of it that well, and to some degree he volunteered for the part? Either way,…

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