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Life Automatic

An epidemic of laziness is sweeping the land. No one knows how to do anything anymore. Millennials are particularly doomed. Everything is slowly becoming automated.

Cars have become automatic. They do all the shifting for you. And taking it a step further, cars in the next few decades will be driving for you. I'm not sure if it's cause humans are lazy, or simply can't be trusted! Take bathrooms for example: you walk in the door, use the toilet and it flushes by itself. Is it so hard to flush a toilet yourself? I guess for rude people it is. Then you walk over to the sink and spend 3 minutes waving your hands around like a chimpanzee having a seizure; trying to get the stupid automatic sensor to work. But humans can't be trusted to turn off the water when they're done, so this is our punishment. You reach your hand over for soap. The lag in the automatic dispenser causes you to miss and instead squirts soap all over the counter. Next you walk over to the paper towel…

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