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Advertising Runs The World

Advertising runs the world. Like a disease, it's everywhere.

Allow me to prove it to you. Get on your phone, or computer and time how long you can go without seeing an add of any sort. Likely only a handful of seconds. Get in your car, hit the freeway and you're going to have billboards screaming at you from their perches on the side of the road. And then there are the video billboards that nearly blind you if you look at them cause they're so bright. Not to mention they distract you into crashing your car! If I owned a collision repair company I'd want to advertise on those: "now that you've just crashed your car trying to watch our sign; give us a call and we'll charge you lots of money to get it repaired".

If you think about it, advertising is really everywhere. Clothing is a big one. Labels, brands, pictures on them. Everyone has become a walking billboard. Even the food we eat is branded and trademarked. Apples, bananas, etc have stickers on them…

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