The Story of My Life

It seems that I've been blessed with a curse. It's certainly managed to follow me most of my life thus far. I don't know how or why, but parents always love me far more than their daughters do. It seems that my "charm" always manages to ensnare the wrong person! Again and again I get the line: "you should marry my daughter". Whether I like the girl, or even know her or not, they always seem to say it.

Maybe it's because parents are more forward in speaking their minds on such matters. Or maybe it's cause I'm terrible with romantic cues; honestly I am. Usually I don't find out until years later that the girl I was interested in at the time actually liked me too. But what can you do?

 I can't complain too much about parents liking me, certainly not a bad thing in most instances. But I don't get what makes them like me so much and why they think I'd be such a great companion for their daughter. I've literally had parents pull me aside and say, "hey, don't give up on her, I'm cheering for you". It's a little awkward, but mostly I'm used to it these days. Usually just makes me laugh.
In Korea, this lady I knew just started referring to me as her son-in-law. When I left Korea, she even gave me a "wedding gift" as a joke, even though she wishes she wasn't joking...

I guess the day I find a girl who loves me more than her parents do, she's the one I'll have to hang onto. But until then, I'm not in too much of a hurry.


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